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Uber Vs Limo

This is a question that may come up often when deciding on your method of transportation. Although both a limo service company and Uber serve the same purpose (transportation), both cater to different markets.

Uber is meant to be used if you’re looking for basic transportation. If you’re just wanting to get to point a to point b, then Uber is a good choice. Although Uber tends to be more economical than a limo company, it’s not by a large margin. In fact there are times when Uber can be significantly more expensive than requesting limo service. Many times, especially during Holidays and some events, Uber will charge a surcharge. A surcharge is a fee where the typical fare is multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and even more. This is something that can’t be predicted, and it varies by the event type. A limo company will keep their rates the same, at all times.

Limo service is meant for those looking for professional transportation. This means being picked up on time, and in style and luxury. Unlike Uber where you never know who your driver will be, a limo company will always have the same drivers waiting for you. These drivers are qualified chauffeurs who are familiar with the city. Advanced reservations with a limo company guarantees that your chauffeur will pick you up on time. Looking to make an impression? Then a luxurious vehicle is the way to go.

As you can see, a limo company is very different than Uber. It really depends if you’re looking for basic transportation or professional black car service.