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Tips For Limousine Etiquette

One of the finest pleasures in life is undoubtedly the experience of riding in a limousine. For some people, it’s an oasis of tranquility amidst the chaos of 21st century America. For others, it’s a motivational tool used to pump them up prior to an important business meeting. Still others use it as a taste of luxury meant to celebrate an important or upcoming event.

But the fact is, riding in a limousine is, for many of us, an utterly unique experience. Considering that it’s unique, many people just don’t know the right and wrong ways to do things. Not to worry, because we’re here to help. Keep reading, and we’ll share with you a few of the basics of limousine etiquette.

The first thing that will happen is you’ll schedule the limousine. But before the booking, there are a few things you’ll need to communicate to the company. How many people will be joining you? If the party is large, give your best estimate. Try not to change destinations at the last minute. Drivers are happy to be reasonably flexible, but sudden changes can add an element of worry on your end. Is there a guest with particular needs, or is the limousine being hired for a special occasion? Be sure to let your company know these details ahead of time so that the driver can arrive prepared.

For most people, this goes without saying, but we think it bears repeating. Your driver’s job is to get you to your destinations safely and resolve any problems that crop up along the way. They’re doing their best, and they’re also required to follow certain protocols and the laws of the road. Keep all that in mind and be polite and decent to them. Do your best to not ask the driver to “go faster,” and if you’ve got special requests, mention them to the company while you’re booking the appointment.

Along similar lines, when your chauffeur is driving, he or she literally has your life in their hands. As a result, it’s a profoundly bad idea to distract them. Keep your voice down to a reasonable level. If children are with you, make sure to keep them under control.

Whenever possible, keep it safe. That means staying in your seat and avoiding excessive movement. It’s true that a limousine allows for a bit more mobility than your average vehicle, but if you’re moving around and the driver needs to stop suddenly, you could be seriously injured.

Remember earlier when we talked about figuring out how many people will be joining you? That can come into play if too many passengers are jammed in the back like sardines, and that can be dangerous.

While we get that a limo can be a great way to celebrate, if you’re the host, make sure your guests don’t get overly exuberant when consuming alcohol. Having a celebratory drink is one thing, but when people overindulge, it can be risky for the driver and unpleasant for others.