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More Tips for Limousine Etiquette

On the one hand, many of us have never ridden inside a limousine. It might be an almost impossible luxury, the very picture of status and sophistication. But on the other hand, renting a limo for a Houston cruise transfer, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, business function, or other celebration has become very common. So much so that, if you haven’t ridden in a limo yet, you’ll likely do so sooner or later.

But remember how we mentioned that a limo can be a sign of sophistication? Sometimes, that can be intimidating, and people aren’t necessarily sure how to act or what to do. Instead of getting consumed by anxiety during your next ride, read on. We’ll share a few more tips about what to do and how to do it when you’re in a limousine.

Ever seen news footage of celebrities effortlessly getting in and out of limos. You can do it too, since there’s a bit of an art to entering and exiting. Always let the chauffeur open the door for you, unless there’s someone in your party responsible for this. Slide into the nearest seat, then smoothly swing your legs inside. Scoot along the seats until you’ve reached your spot. Do the same thing when getting out, and you’ll look like a natural.

It’s understood that the back right seat, or the curbside seat, is the “power seat.” Traditionally, this seat is reserved for the VIP, so if you’re not that person, make sure not to sit there.
It can be easy to get carried away in a limo, particularly if alcohol is involved. Along with drinking responsibly, remember to treat the limo better than you would your own vehicle. Be careful not to break anything and, if you run into problems, just ask your driver for help. The limo company will rent out the limo to others after you’re finished. If anything is damaged, you could be held financially responsible.

Government laws obviously still apply when you’re riding in style. Most companies prohibit smoking, so be sure to ask your driver before you light up. Also, no passenger should ever engage in an illegal act, such as using illegal drugs. Bear in mind that if a criminal action does take place, the driver is required to notify the authorities.
Glassware is one of the most commonly stolen items within a limousine. Most people would never do this, but as a reminder, be sure to leave all glasses, bottles, and decanters inside the limo.
It might not seem like it, but your driver’s job is tough. They’re responsible for getting you where you need to go in a reasonable amount of time, handling any problems, and doing it all with a smile. Should you run into a problem with your driver, let the company know. Otherwise, if you get good service, be sure to leave a tip. The recommended tip amount is usually 20% of the rental cost. But before you tip, make sure your tip isn’t included with the bill already.