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Making The Most of Your Cruise

Making The Most of Your Cruise

Cruises have the potential to be amazing—but they can also be lackluster and disappointing if you don’t know how to make the most of your cruise experience.

In this blog, we’ll cover exactly that—ways to make your cruise as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. All it takes is an open mind and a clear plan for the best cruise experience possible.

Show up the night before.

Do you really want to miss your cruise because you’re stuck on the tarmac or in an airport terminal? Plan to show up to your port city the night before the boat leaves, and book a hotel close to your port—this will eliminate the stress of rushing to make it to your boat (isn’t the whole point of a cruise to avoid stress?), and will allow you to check out your port area and have a good time before your cruise even sets sail.

We’d also recommend staying an extra day after your cruise for the same reason—we wouldn’t want you to miss a flight because you’re somehow stuck at sea or held up at the port. Plus, it’ll give you a little time to decompress from your amazing cruise before your flight back to the real world.

Avoid the pool.

Literally everyone and their kids are eyeing the pool on their cruise—after all, who doesn’t love to go for a refreshing dip and a cold beverage? But cruise ship pools rarely look as inviting as cruise commercials make them appear. For some reason, cruise ship commercials love the image of a single family or a couple enjoying the pool by themselves, when in reality, it’s nearly impossible to chisel out a square foot of space to bathe in without being splashed by children, bumped into by other guests, or pontificated at by friendly old men. Not exactly the perfect picture of relaxation, is it?

If you’re looking for the most stress-free experience possible, avoid the pool area, especially during those sunny, toasty, and high-traffic hours of the day. In some cases, cruise lines have an adults-only pool area that’s completely separate from the family area, offering boozy drinks, comfortable lounge chairs and cabanas, and comparatively wide open spaces to wade around and lounge in. It’ll cost you extra, but it’s worth the price if relaxation is your cruise objective.

Stay up late.

If you’re on a cruise vacation, who cares if you sleep in until noon? Life is what you make it, especially when you’re on a cruise. Stay up past 10 p.m., and you’re going to outlast all the sleepy old folks, exhausted children, and other tuckered-out individuals—and at that point, the cruise ship is your oyster. Meet plenty of interesting night-owls at the adults-only pool, take advantage of late-night food options like buffets and bar food (you’ll be surprised how short the bar line gets once the clock strikes midnight), and maybe cut that rug on the dancefloor. Whatever the case, tailoring your sleep schedule to make the most of the nighttime hours will make the most of your cruise experience.

Break away from the normal food schedule.

Most cruise ships feed their guests en masse at normal mealtime hours—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to this schedule in order to get a meal. Many cruises have specialty, reservation-only restaurants, room service options, and plenty of port stops that allow you to sneak away for a landlubber’s meal every once in awhile. Take advantage of these opportunities when you can—it’ll help you avoid the sometimes-underwhelming and always-repetitive buffet menu, and it’ll help you experience more of what your cruise ship and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Get off the ship whenever you can.

Some cruise “experts” will argue that leaving your ship and running aground is more trouble than it’s worth—after all, who wouldn’t enjoy a dip in the pool or a walk around your giant cruise ship while almost everyone else is out exploring the port and its surrounding areas?

It’s tempting and comfortable to stay on the cruise ship while it’s in the port—you’ll avoid the stress of navigating a new place and ensuring you make it back to the ship on time. But isn’t the whole point of going on a vacation to have new experiences and, overall, a good time? Save your pool time and exploration for when your ship is at sea, and make the most of your port time by learning a little bit about your port area. It’s a great opportunity to grab a local meal, stretch your legs, meet interesting people, and learn more about the world beyond the buffets and the pool deck.

Take advantage of spa facilities.

There might be one exception when it comes to staying on your ship while it’s in a port, and that’s to take a day to treat yourself at the spa. No need to spend hundreds on massages and pedicures—getting access to facilities like steam rooms, therapy pools, jacuzzis, and other self-serve spa areas is usually inexpensive. The best part? You’ll be pampering yourself in relative solitude while everyone is out and about on land.

For the best cruise strategy and planning, take a little time to research the ports where you’ll be landing. Not all of these ports will feel like paradise, so pick the least desirable port day and change it to a spa day.

Hire a cruise transfer service.

Nothing can ruin the good vibes of a cruise vacation like an Uber driver whose Google Maps is driving him in circles, or a yellow taxi that smells like the last passengers, cigarettes, and broken dreams. To complete your luxurious cruise experience, you need a luxurious cruise transfer service to get you from the aiport to the ship port (and back again) in style.

That’s where Omega Royal Transportation can help. No need to worry about unsightly vehicles, limited Uber car space, long waits, or lost drivers—with Omega Royal, you get the best in luxury vehicles, professional drivers who know exactly how to get you from IAH or HOU to your cruise destination, and an overall enjoyable transportation experience that will set the tone for the amazing cruise to come, or help you avoid the last minute stress of making it to your flight home. Book with Omega Royal today!